Welcome to the Road to Greatness!

About Me

Hello. My name is Jackson Craig Wilson!

Welcome to the show! It is a pleasure to have you here! Thank you for visiting my webpage! I am currently a college student attending Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois. I am planning to graduate in December 2017 with a bachelor's degree in the Mass Communications TV/Radio field. I am a sports nerd! I am a former athlete and my dream is to become a professional sports broadcaster. I avidly follow baseball, football, basketball, and hockey at both the college and professional level. I am all about working hard every single day because without it, I wouldn't have made to this point in my early life. I am truly blessed but never satisfied with my achievements! There are simply no limits to what I can accomplish, even in a competitive career field like the one I am pursuing. Nothing is impossible if you believe you can do it! Make yourself at home and feel free to join me on the road to greatness. My contact information and social links are down below!

Facebook: Jackson Wilson
Twitter: @SixPackJack400
Instagram: sixpackjack400